教堂開放主日崇拜 實體聚會 Resume Sunday In-Person Services

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As of June 15th, 2021, the state is reopening and moving to Beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. All sectors, including centers of worship, may return to usual operations (with the limited exceptions for Mega Events, which we hope to be someday). More details can be found at: Beyond the Blueprint Framework for Industry and Business Sectors, with Limited Exceptions (ca.gov)
截至2021年6月15日,加州正在重新開放,启动超越更安全的經濟蓝图。 所有行業,包括禮拜中心,都可以恢復正常運作(大型活動例外,但我們也希望不久的將來也可以恢復正常)。 更多詳情請點擊: 超越除有限例外的工商各行业藍圖框架(ca.gov)。

CCCTO will operate under the current conditions:
1) There are no capacity restrictions.
2) There are no physical distancing restrictions.
3) There are masking restrictions as follows:
a. For fully vaccinated individuals, wearing masks are optional.
b. For unvaccinated individuals, we request that for masks to be worn per guidance for face coverings (ca.gov)
4) We will also forego the registration and temperature checks at the doors. Attendees are encouraged to stay safe at home if you are feeling unwell or show COVID-related symptoms.
教会将不再在門口登記和溫度檢查。 如果您感到不適或出現與 COVID 相關的癥狀,
5) We will also keep the church well-ventilated. For the HVAC systems, we utilize high-grade air filters that are designed to trap and keep out viruses.
教堂會保持通風良好。 教會的空調系統,已經更換高級別的過濾網以便攔截和過濾空氣中的病毒。
6) We will continue to live-stream until further notice.
7) Sanitization stations will still be available. Church will be sanitized three times per week during the regular cleaning. Changes to processes and equipment to support safe hygiene in the church will be one of our commitments.
消毒站仍继续使用。 教堂將在常规清潔期間每周消毒三次。 随时更换流程和設備以便保持教會的安全衛生是我們的承諾之一。
8) Our nursery, children, youth, Sunday School, and lunch services will slowly transition back to in-person and updates will be made through announcements.
9) For more details of children ministry, see below:
• – CHILDCARE – available every Sunday for all services at 9:15 am for Mandarin and Cantonese Worship and 11:00 am for English Worship. Children can be dropped off in the nursery or Kids Church Room beginning at 9:00 am. The activities and lessons provided will depend on the number of children that are there in person each week. We ask for everyone’s patience and flexibility as we rebuild our Children’s Programs.
• – BUSY BAGS – Activity bags for any children whose parents choose to have their children sit with them during service. Busy bags are available in the foyer (self serve). We do ask if children become disruptive that you would lead them to the foyer or to the children’s rooms.
忙碌袋:这是为選擇讓孩子在聚会與父母坐在一起的活動袋,请父母在进大门以后自己领取(自助服務)。 如果孩子吵闹,我們恳请您帶領孩子到门口大廳或兒童房間。
• – ONLINE KIDS’ CHURCH – Will still be available on Zoom from 10:00 – 11:00 am through the month of June. If enough elementary age children are present at church, we will join the Kids Church online. Regular Zoom Link. Meeting ID: 844 4194 2549 Passcode: psalm91
在線兒童教会:六月仍將在ZOOM從上午10:00-上午11:00進行。如果有足夠的小學年紀的學生來教會,我們將加入线上兒童教會。Zoom會議 ID: 844 4194 2549, 密碼: psalm91
• Temperature checks will still be taken for children that attend the children’s program.
• Masks will be worn by staff and volunteer serving the children. Children are also encouraged to wear masks if not fully vaccinated.

For further questions, please check the church website CCCTO, or ask the church general affair department via CCCTO General Affairs
如有進一步問題,請查看教會網站CCCTO,或通過CCCTO 總務網上鏈結諮詢教會總務部

Rejoice for our services are returning to normal. May God bring us the joy of being with each other as we come together to worship in-person again as a body of one



每周日成人主日學(上午11點, 在 Zoom 上進行)

每週三禱告會(星期三晚上8點, 在 Zoom 上進行)

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