Update Mission in Holland

Hi all!

Happy Easter! May the glory be to our GOD.
Thanks for the prayer. The five (7 hours in 2 places) messages have been very helpful to many Christians and seekers. Quiet a few people followed us from one meeting place to another. They are so eager/ thirst for God’s words. They also ask about how to teach/discipline children.
It is so different from home. There are a lot of distractions to keep you out of focus of Christ. But when you are in the mission field, your whole heart and mind are on Christ and people only. We thank God for giving us this opportunity to serve him.
There is another evangelical meeting add on Monday evening at 9:30pm. Then we will head to Arnhem on Tue early morning. Worship service starts at 10am. There is evangelistic meeting on Wed evening at 10pm.
You know what, we may have a chance to visit Turnip flower field in the rain. Crazy, is that right?
Please continue to pray for us.

In Christ

David/ Bafee