Journal 4/3-4, 2012

It is good to hear from David and Baffee, we have remembered them in
tonight’s prayer meeting at Leipzig.

王柏 and 慧丽 came to visit yesterday, they brought flour dough and minced
meat to wrap dumpling for me, very kind of them. We have a good time
sharing. They are both from Harbin and they hope to return this year
to visit, they haven’t been back for almost 10 years since they left
China. Many of the co-workers in Leipzig are either pregnant or have
babies, so the challenges are to find a new place where they can meet
and have a place for the newly born to play; the current Gospel center
is inadequate in this sense. Also they need to develop a full-
fledged children’s Sunday school. Please pray for their needs. I can
already see that God will use them greatly.

They are hoping also for someone to come and live in Jena/ Erfurt /
Weimar for 1 – 2 months to care for the new believers there.

Please pray for my visits this weekend. Both Magdeburg and Halle have
new faces as old faces have left. In Magdeburg we have mostly
Christians, but in Halle mostly new comers are not Christians. Pray
for my Easter message to be shared Sunday at Leipzig, and Sunday
school afterward. Also Monday 4/9 I will be visiting Jena and share
an evangelical message for 4-5 people. Being Easter Sunday, many
people will leave town. Also the Pan-Germany Chinese Christian
retreat will be held somewhere in Germany, 王柏 couple and two others
from Leipzig will attend.