Journal 4/2/2012

Today I explored a new fellowship in Erfurt. The train route is the same as that going to Weimar, just get off at the next station after Weimar. There is a couple who is in charge; the wife JMZ is a Christian for less than 1 year and husband LC a seeker. They, together with another new sister YSS recently found work in the same company 30 km away from Erfurt, and the fellowship was held in the dorm room of another sister JF, also a new convert, for the benefit of some student seekers in Erfurt University. The couple picked me up at the Erfurt train station when it was nearly 7:00 pm, as they have to leave their company, pick up something to eat, and rush down to Erfurt. The dorm is about 10 minutes away. We got started at about 7:30 pm, a new comer MXH joined us, he was from Hong Kong and don’t speak Mandarin very well. This was the first time he gets to hear about Christ. WB has come to this fellowship the last few weeks, and since there are many new seekers (they didn’t show up tonight) the discussion has focused on God’s existence and faith vs religion. Since it is close to Easter I shared on Acts Chap. 1 on what Jesus’ resurrection means for us believers. Unfortunately I have to leave on 8:40 pm sharp in order to catch the returning train back to Leipzig, there just isn’t enough time to have very meaningful discussion. However I was touched by the fervor showed by these young converts, their thirst for meaning in God’s word and understanding of spiritual matters. They said they also attend the Saturday afternoon meeting at Weimar.