GEM Journal 4/12/2012

Took 6:05 PM train at Leipzig station and arrived Halle at 6:41. Mrs. Chang came to platform to pick me up and
Mr. Chang drove us to the dorm where the Journey of Intimacy class was conducted.
There were 10 attendees, 4 were married, two engaged, 4 singles also non-Christians.
The presentation was conducted between 7 to 9 PM. They all participated the practices seriously.
Then we had group discussions on the contents as which topic to cover next time.
They all commented the practices were very helpful since some of the theories have been published
many other places. When reading the material without practice, it’s hard to take into
the heart and forget quickly.
Mr. Chang and Mrs. Chang who attended the class several years ago felt the path
can be faster. They suggested to only use little Dr. Huang’s DVD presentation to only
touch the basics with exercises. The others however felt Dr. Huang’s presentation was
pretty good and they learned something. We decided for next week to exercise the
practices without Dr. Huang’s DVD presentation for Chapter 2 and move on to Chapter 3.
They again expressed the wish to have someone staying here for longer term like 3 month timeframe.
Mr. Chang is going to have a balloon heart surgery next Thursday. He had a surgery scheduled for 15 minutes
but went for hours last time. We all sat back down when heard this and conducted a group prayers
for his surgery before we left the class room.
I stayed in sister Xiao-Han’s dorm room. We had discussions on her marriage issues. Another sister Chiao-Fong joined us next day at lunch in the city. We also discussed issues she is having
with her fiancé. I felt God was providing the words on their questions and problems.
I am happy they both chose the ways for the peace and joy from God.
I left Halle by 15:23 train back to Leipzig. Richard and I had discussion over dinner
on what’d happened in our work.
Tomorrow I am heading to Braunschweig for two sessions in two days.
May God’s blessings being with the attendees as well as the speakers.