GEM Journal 4-15-2012 Sunday at Leipzig

GEM Journal 4-15-2012 Sunday at Leipzig
Elder Lu talked the message of Revolution today. Before his message, Elder Lu made
introduction to Journal of Intimacy as well as Reba’s teaching at T.O. I think his introduction
raised people’s interest to the class, thanks to Elder Lu.
Class went well. We had time to go over chapter 1. Like at previous places, people were
active and reactive to the questions, exercises and to Dr. Huang’s DVD presentation.
Elder Lu said about 30 people attended.

After class, RL came to me chatted about need of this class for young seekers.
Since this class includes materials on what young people to consider when looking for a
good partner in marriage, he has thought to use this class to attract students to church
because many of them are in the stage of looking for partners. He also asked the
possibilities of having Facebook to answer questions for seekers as well as members.
I was moved by his passion of looking for ways to attract seekers.
Later the night, after Richard came back from his mission in Braunschweig, 王柏 and DJ treated us dinner at Ur-kroftitzer, a restaurant named after the character who sold his soul to satin.

4-16-2012 at Erfurt
With Elder Lu, Bafee and Richard, we went for the chive harvest trip at Leipzig in the morning. I plan to use them for stur-fried egg in the morning.
Then Elder Lu and Bafee treated us hot dog and ice cream at train station. Yummy!!
I left Leipzig by 3:47 train to meet王柏at Erfurt main station.
We went to the meeting place in a student apartment. The gather place
was in a sister’s single bed room. 5 girls sat on bed, others sat on chairs
close to the bed. I used the book shelf for all equipment.

Place was very small but thez listened with full attention. When the class ended, it seemed like they didn’t get enough.
Like happened in other places. A sister asked for DVD copy. I unfortunately had to tell them we can’t do that.
They said they really needed some classes like this to help them.
The time for presentation here was really short. I shorten the chapter 1
further to end in time for us to get to the station to catch 9 PM train.
Then at Leipzig station, we ran again to catch the 11 PM tram to avoid
waiting for 30 minutes.
9 people including王柏 and his wife attended this class. According to王柏, some of them came from Weimar, the place I am not scheduled to go
this year.
Praise to the Lord, people seemed all learned something from different
aspects to married people, lovers as well as singles. I am really
grateful for their learning attitude.