GEM Journal 2011-04-19

Hi all:

It took more than 8 hrs before we reach the German/ Swiss border. We got out of train one station early;
the brother who supposes to pick up us was waiting at the main station. My phone was out of minutes after
I made one call to him. It was God’s blessing that I were able to make a call to him. So he has my phone
number on his phone. He forgot to bring my phone number with him. Thanks to God.
His heart was so burdened by the difficulties in his church. He writes messages to all church members daily.
But it was not well received. They have no pastor. Their key peoples serve with their head, not base on bible
truth. They have Sunday service only. They ask if our mission team can help them too in the area of 基要真
理、们徒造就、新生命、家庭辅导、儿童主日学、关怀、等。黄子嘉牧师just left before we arrive。
若歌教会 Of New Jersey may like to support and help them too.
If you have a heart to serve in any of these area for next year, may be it is time to equip yourself now.
We changed train x2, bus x2 and walked up hill road for 30 minutes before we reached hill top hospital.
We visited an elderly sister who was sick. She was very touched. We shared and prayed for her. She holds
our hands and won’t let it go. She wrote down our name to continue to pray for us.
The meeting schedules in Swiss as follow:
4/21 Thursday—–2:30pm Share in Sister Fellowship and 7:00pm Young Adult。
4/22 Friday——–All Swiss Chinese Church joint retreat, start in am。冯炳承牧师is the speaker。I will
share in the evening。
4/23 Saturday—-Heading to Milano in Italy。
4/24 Sunday——-Easter Special Service I will preaching one session in AM and 2 sessions in PM。
4/25 Monday——Special Topic one session in AM and 2 sessions in PM。
4/26 Tuesday——-heading back to Leipzig

Please continue pray for us.
By the way, I can not call anybody since I don’t have any minutes left in my cell and I can not add on more
minutes either in Swiss or Italy. But I still can receive phone call. So, just call me.

Have a safe trip GEM 4th Team. Reba has a safe trip back.

In Christ
2011 GEM 2nd Team: David and Bafee