GEM Journal 2011-04-17

Hi all:

It took us about 20 mins walking to the church (Braunschweig). There were 13 people attended
the service. David‘s message was “Eternality and Present”. David talked to another non believer
who came to all 3 meetings in past 3 days.

He said he is very much touched by the messages, but he still can not make the decision at
present. The 3rd and 4th GEM Teams please fellow up. His name is 和**。

Lin ling’s husband has vision problem. If there is not too much trouble, do you think someone
can buy eye vita from COSCO? There are 2 bottles in a box. The name I can not remember
clearly. Possible “Occul”. Then we talked, prayed to 2 couples and 2 individuals separately. They
felt they were being cared. It was a rush to the train station (6:10 pm train). There was no time
to buy some food for dinner.

We will be home about 8:30 pm. Right before we got on the train, we sow one couple running.
They run to us and gave us a bag of food for dinner and large bottle of water. We were very
touched by their love. Thanks to God. These students thought of us while they have some food.

We are going to Zurich, Swiss tomorrow to meet brothers and sisters there. There will be a
whole Swiss fellowships retreat on Easter weekend start on Friday. Then we are leaving to
Milano, Italy on Sat. David will lead the Easter special meetings which will finish on Monday. I
don’t know we will have internet access from tomorrow on. Please continue to pray for us.

By the way, one of Leipzig’s church members gives us a big box of instant noodle. So, probably
you don’t need to bring any noodle with you.

Talk to you soon.

In Christ

2011 GEM 2nd Team: David and Bafee