GEM Journal 2011-04-15 – Reba

Today we separated into 3 cities: David and Bafee to Braunschweig, Pastor Weidman to Magdeburg and I
attended BBQ picnic with Leipzig group.

Mrs. Hong invited us to lunch at her home before we headed out. She made 韭菜盒子,粉絲with 德國酸
菜,芹菜雞片,辣醬肉丁 和五穀米飯。I ate a lot!!

The picnic was held by one of the 4 Leipzig fellowship groups to replace their regular Friday fellowship
(because they had combined fellowship last night with David’s special presentation). The group leader
asked for a person from CCCTO to attend to talk to the non-believers. So I stayed in Leipzig instead
going to Magdeburg with Pastor Weidman.

There were about 30 people came. 5 were non-believers. One German and one Vietnamese don’t speak
Chinese, I got to talk to the other 3. One of them, 劉銘 accepted Jesus, praise to Lord. 王文冕 was not
ready. The 3rd person who married Vietnamese husband was hurrying leaving. She was handed some
flyers after brief introduction of Jesus.

There was good communication with several people I was not familiar with before. There were 3 children
in age around 3 or 4. Their parents expressed interest to learn about parenting when I mentioned the
class we had. I told them 顏老師will bring some materials for them. 顏老師, you will be busy with the
parenting class for sure now.