4-16-2012 Journal from David and Bafee

Hi all:
This is the 2nd day back at Leipzig. It is so nice to have all the team members join together in prayer, support and encourage each other in many ways. We had few hrs free this morning. So we went to pick up chives (韮菜) in the park which is located by the church. The big leaves are so tender and green. We had some noodle soup with chives at midnight(12 am)for snack after back from meeting at Jena. It was so delicious. We really miss the green leaf vegetables.
On the way to Jena, We got off the train one station too early. Fortunately, we has Richard’s phone to call 張爸 張媽. So he came to pick us up. Otherwise we have to walk 20 minutes to get to the right station. There are 5 seekers in the meeting. They participate in the Q&A. They like to continue coming to the fellowship. (張爸 told us do not call 決志 at this time before the meeting . 張爸going to have stent placed in his heart on this coming Thursday, please pray for him。)
On the way back, surprised to see Reba and 王柏‘s family on the train too. (They just came back from mission in Erfurt). We had good quality sharing about the ministry in Leipzig. He does not have enough time to care for all the brothers and sisters in Leipzig and 7 other locations. Spend a lot of time on the train. He needs quiet time to prepare messages and take care of his family also. People turned around very fast, Over 70% of the students go back to China after finish school. There has a lot of exchange student in this area. Their co-workers most have family with young children. They need motherly type help with their youngsters when they reach out. The church plan to provide meals after Sunday service to increase communication and get people to come to church.

Please see attached pictures in ppt.
In Christ
David/ bafee
Hi all:
Thursday (4-12-12):
We had chance to visit the king’s palace which located in the woods and surrender by large green pastures. It is pretty and 雄伟 outside, but it is old wood structure in side. It felt wired when we walked on the same floor which so many king, queen, prince, and princess walked.
It rained whole day; they called it” long life rain” in Holland . The weather can change really fast in between rain and sunshine. They called it” Holland weather” if a person’s mind swings.
David give them a special seminar last 3 hrs from 8 to 11 pm on Thursday. There were about 50 to 60 people attended the class. It was still raining. But it did not affect their heart for God’s words. We were moved by their hearts.
Friday (4-13-12):
It should be a rest day, but David still talk to a group of sisters about the 2nd coming of Christ for hrs.
2 sisters invited us to see a flower show (世界花博會) about one hr from Arnhem. They earn their living as a waitress and the other 摆地摊. We really appreciate their love. This show is once in every 10 yrs in Holland . We were amazed again with God’s wonderful creation. We will show you some pictures.
Saturday (4-14-12):
It is time to head to Leipzig this am. It is a whole day journey. I saw a man was really sick in the Frankfurt train station. We got help from the police, an ambulance was called. We can not stay for the train is leaving.
已平安抵达(8 小时的火车),栋节在莱比锡车站接我们,莎莎在福音中心准备晚餐,谢谢他们的爱心。
In Christ
David and Bafee