2016 CCCTO Pingpong Tournament

Announcement of 2016 CCCTO Annual Table Tennis Tournament


To promote mutual-understanding and friendship among fellow Christians and people of local Chinese community, to enrich the activities of CCCTO and local community, and to encourage the participation of physical exercises for all, CCCTO will hold its annual Thousand Oaks Chinese Table Tennis Tournament. All local Chinese and table tennis lovers are welcome to join and compete in this tournament.

Team Format

In order to encourage wide participation, teamwork, and coordination among team members, the tournament will hold only team competitions. The active CCCTO members should construct their teams based on CCCTO fellowships. All other players, who don’t belong to any fellowships, should join a team of a particular fellowship, or the tournament will assign the player(s) to teams. Every team should have five to six players, including at least one female player. A fellowship can have more than one team if it has enough interesting people to form multiple teams. Similarly, multiple fellowships can have a joint team if each of them does not have enough players. Each team should have a captain and couch who is in charge of all aspects of the team during the tournament.

Game Regulations

Preliminary Round: All teams will be divided into groups. Each group will have four teams. All teams play round robin matches within their groups.

Final Round:  The top two teams of each group of preliminary round will compete for championship of Level A. The bottom two teams of each group of preliminary round will compete for championship of Level B. Within each group, all the teams will be divided into two groups. All teams will play round robin matches within their group. The top two teams of each group will meet in semi-finals of their level and winners will advance to final.

Every meet between two teams has two single matches and three double matches in the order of double, single, mixed double, double, and single. The team that wins three matches first is the winner. All teams will be divided into four groups and play round-robin within their group in the preliminary phase. The number one and number two teams advance to playoff, which is eliminating phase.

Each match has up to five games. Each game has eleven points. The player(s) who win three games first are the winner of the match.

Two single matches have to be played by different players. Any particular player can not represent his/her team twice in the first three matches. Any particular player can not represent his/her team more than twice. All three doubles have to be played by different combinations of players. In order to make the games more attractive and encouraging to female players, the scoring of each game has been altered as following (This rule will not apply if any of the female players are seed players).


  Match Player(s) Starting Scores
Single Female vs. male 2 : 0
Double Female & female vs. male & male 2 : 0
Female & female vs. female & male 2 : 0
Female & male vs. male & male 2 : 0


The captain of each team has to submit the order of players to the referee three minutes before the meet.

Registration and Schedule

Please complete and submit the individual or team registration form no later than April 3, 2016.

The preliminary round of the tournament will be held on April 23th (Saturday) from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. The final round will be held on April 30th (Saturday) from 8:30AM to 6:00PM. Both events will be held at CCCTO.

Rewards and Sponsorship

The championship teams of both level A and level B will be rewarded the CCCTO championship trophies and keep them until the next tournament.

The expense of the tournament will be covered by the donations as well as sponsorship of CCCTO. Also, there will be a registration fee of $50 for every participated team. The budget will cover the following areas.

  • Souvenirs for participants and other expenses for the tournament.
  • Replacement of worn-out tables and new paddles for new players and children

The tournament also needs volunteer referees and helpers.

Training and Practice

CCCTO is offering open practice to all players and beginners on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7:30PM to 10:30PM.

Registration Contacts

Scott Si,  (805) 480-9280, scottsi80@yahoo.com

Eric Wang,  (805) 807-6866, ericwang1@gmail.com

Yong Chen (818)889-9239, yong_c_chen@yahoo.com

Please let us know should you have any comments and suggestions.

May God bless this tournament!

Attachment:   Committee Members and Contact Information

Coordinators:  Changming Liao, Yudong Li, Eric Wang, Scott Si, Houshi Li

Registration:  Yudong Li, Eric Wang, Scott Si, Changming Liao, Houshi Li, Shiguo Rao, Yong Chen, Nelson Poon, Jimmy Chang, Jia Yang

Practice:  Eric Wang, Grace Zhou, Scott Si, Yong Chen

Technical Group:  Scott Si (Referee in Chief), Nelson Poon, Zhihao Lao, Eric Wang, Liyang Zhang, Xiaofeng Liu,

Treasure:  Wendy Guo, Hannah Yu

Awards:  Meisheng Jiang, Zhihao Lao, Eric Wang, Shiguo Rao

Service:  Grace Yee, Andy Zhou, Shiwen Zhang, Yudong Li

Name Phone Email
Changming Liao 805-499-3482 cliao7777@hotmail.com
Yong Chen 818 889-9239 yong_c_chen@hotmail.com
Scott Si 805 480-9280 scottsi80@yahoo.com
Meisheng Jiang 805 497-6208 jiangm798@gmail.com
Jimmy Chang 818-451-3793 chang.jiingyun@gmail.com
Wuyi Wang 805-559-0487 towang2005@yahoo.com
Shiwen Zhang 805-484-8136 shiwenz2004@yahoo.com
Nelson  Poon 805  577-0520 nelpo@aol.com
Zhihao Lao 805 384-8589 zlao9@msn.com
Yudong  Li 805 494-5106 yudl56726@gmail.com
Eric Wang 805-807-0873 ericwang1@gmail.com
Liyang Zhang 818 915-2031 liyangzhang2009@hotmail.com
Wendy Guo 805 497-6208 wguo788@gmail.com
Grace Yee 818 706-2093 grace_0517@yahoo.com
Jia Yang 805-581-1798 jyangca@sbcglobel.com
Shiguo Rao 805-312-6101 richrao_2000@yahoo.com
Houshi Li 805-852-1192 h12li@yahoo.com
Gang Liu 805-405-1657 gg_liu@yahoo.com

2016 CCCTO Pingpong Tournament Team Registration Form

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2016 CCCTO Pingpong Tournament Individul Registration Form