GEM Journal 2011-04-16

Hi all:
Team 2 and 3 had very nice lunch with Mrs. Hong who prepared for us on 4/15, Th. After lunch we all went to different direction. I believe they all have given you report. 馬**and his wife 李**came to pick us up from the train station at Braunschweig by their car. We ate dinner with group of students at meeting place. That is what they usually do before the fellowship. It was simple but was good. There were 16 students at the meeting which last about 3 hrs. The workshop continued on Sat for another 3 hrs including Q & A at 王**、胡** house. 馬**accept Jesus as his savior today. Everybody was so happy for him. We made 包子 tonight to celebrate his (spirit)birthday. He looks, talks and smiles like our elder Hu (胡文善). It was a nice day in the morning. We went to pick 薺菜 by the lake bank side. There were 2 swans swimming in the lake and geese flying. It was a beautiful scene. Young couple, 王**、胡**, who welcome us to their home, prepare meals for us and also need to take care a 8 month old baby boy. The baby has smile most of the time, hardly see him fussy. He can even eat spicy food. One of the co-workers said they really need someone to shaper the group. We met Ling ling。She moved close to brauschweig ( about one hr bus) after she got married. But she has attended Sunday service at B and served on worship team. She still remembered our team saw her off at train station in 2009. She was so moved till now.
In Christ
2011 GEM 2nd Team: David Lu, Bafee