GEM Journal 2011-04-14

Dear All:

It was continue raining and wind was blowing very hard, cold on Wed. We went out trying to buy some food
for Th. We could not stand up straight and umbrella inside out because of the wind. We had to come back. It
was a restful day until pray meeting at 7 Pm. 10 people attended. It was a good sharing and earnest sincerely
It is cloudy and cold today. We went to market bought 15lbs meat and 10 cucumbers for tonight. It took us
20mins to carry it back. It was heavy.
40 + students came to the meeting. A few of them are non believers. They finished all the food. David spoke
about 3 hrs regarding ending times. One girl accepted Jesus as her Savior. She is violin major from Taiwan.
Reba is home safely. We are so happy to see pastor Weidman and Amy. Our army is getting stronger and
There will be an evangelistic meeting in Braunsweig on Friday evening. There also will be a special
workshop session for the Christians on Sat. David and Bafee will stay in B for the whole weekends. Pastor,
Amy, Reba and Mrs. Hong will go to Magdeburg tomorrow.

In Christ
2011 GEM 2nd Team: David, Bafee, Reba + 3rd Team: Michael, Amy