GEM Journal 4/13 & 4/14/12 – Mission in Braunschweig

From Reba 4-14-2012

GEM Journal 4/13 & 4/14/12 – Mission in Braunschweig
On Friday 4/13, 17:49 I arrived Braunschweig train station. Sister Wendy took me to the gathering place.
The class began after their simple but warm dinner.
In the two days, I presented the chapter 1, 2 and 6,9,10 of Journey of Intimacy.
16 people attended: 3 couples and rest of them singles.
They were all very reactive to the questions, participated the group discussions,
and told me the class was helpful. Couples said they just had a Couples’ Retreat for the
married people. They felt the Journey of Intimacy class covers much wider spectrum
of the relationships and the practices made them actually think how to apply what they
learned. They asked to have the full scope of the class next year if possible.
Yesterday, after the class, I had chat with a student seeker. He has read some books
about the Christianity. He said he wants to understand more before he accepts God.
He is not ready but sincere in seeking.
I will ask Richard and Elder Lu to talk to him when they visit there.

Sister Wendy is a wonderful hostess. She is currently working and rented an apartment.
I used her sofa bed in living room. We had good chat last night about Christ, and how He
governs our lives. Today before class at 2, she gave me a tour to the city: a charm city.
Weather was wonderful in Braunschweig both days.
I am back into the dorm apartment from station directly: didn’t get to meet the team yet.
Tomorrow will be the day at Leipzig and class in the late afternoon after Elder Lu’s message.
Praised Lord for the abundant provides in the past two days at Braunschweig.
I once again learned more from teaching the class.