Donation for COVID-19 Relief Fund 請樂捐 – 新冠病毒救濟基金

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, and we have seen that the hospitals and doctor’s offices in our community are desperately in need of medical-grade face masks and other protective equipment. CCCTO has established a Disaster Relief Fund – COVID-19 Relief Fund.  This fund will be used to gather donations to procure medical masks and other protective gear through reliable channels, with those items going to:

  • Elderly brothers and sisters of CCCTO and neighboring Chinese churches who need to use them
  • Local hospitals and medical facilities
  • Local public service workers; police officers, firefighters, social workers, etc.

The pandemic outbreak risk is very real and imminent. We must take actions now to protect our frontline COVID-19 fighters and in turn, protect ourselves and our community.

Your generous donation will be 100% spent on acquiring and distributing those urgently needed items.

Donate for the Disaster Relief Fund

In the pull down menu, select “Disaster Relief fund”.

Thank you so much for your support,
The CCCTO COVID-19 Task Team
千橡城基督教會設立了新冠狀病毒救濟基金。 該基金將用於收集捐款,通過可靠的管道採購醫用口罩和其他防護裝備,這些物品將用於:
– 千橡教會和鄰近中國教會的年長弟兄姐妹需要使用這些物品
– 本地醫院和醫療機構
– 本地警員、消防員、其他社會工作者、等

病毒流行迫在眉睫。我們現在必須採取行動,保護我們在的前線醫務人員,其他社會工作者, 進而保護自己和我們的社區。

您的慷慨捐贈將 100% 用於採購和分發這些急需的物品。


請選擇 “Disaster Relief fund”.