COVID-19 Impacts and Actions 防治新冠病毒-聚會調整

CCCTO Pastoral Team and Executive Board Recommendations Regarding COVID-19 Virus Impacts and Actions

Peace be with you! In light of the rapid spreading of Covid-19 Virus in the Unites States, after extensive fervent prayers and discussions, we have listed the action items and guidelines for our congregation. At this time, we ask all members to reflect and pray humbly to our God, individually, as a family, fellowship groups, by ministry, and as a whole church. We all need to exercise caution. We pray in spiritual unity, seek wisdom from God, walk with one another in Christ, live in godliness, show love and responsibility, and become the beacon of our community, honoring God and edifying one another. Brothers and sisters are also welcomed to provide information to the Pastoral Team and church staff, and everyone prays together and make appropriate adjustments according to changing circumstances.
Sunday Worship: Starting this Sunday, 3/15/2020, Sunday services will be online Live Streaming format. The web links are:
English Sunday Service Live Stream.
粵語 Cantonese:
國語 Mandarin:

  • Fellowships: Quite a few fellowship gatherings have been changed to online meetings, using solutions such as WeChat, WebEx, Zoom, etc. Leaders of fellowship groups are to maintain contact with all fellowship members, whether they are already members of CCCTO or seekers. Please strive not to miss anyone. The online meeting tools are used not only to meet weekly, but also to understand who and what families have special needs. If some people cannot access the Internet, please ask the fellowship leaders to reach out to them by phone.
  • Prayer Meeting: The church’s prayer meetings will be online on Wednesday evenings.
  • Devotional: Daily devotional, morning prayer, good night peace words released by different groups in the church via email, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, etc. We recommend that all members join at least one online fellowship group that learns the Word of God daily.
  • Children and Youth Ministry: AWANA will suspend Tuesday night meetings. Youth Act4Christ Fellowship will suspend physical meeting on Friday, and will start to use Zoom online meeting next week. Youth Ministry Director has sent out clear instructions to parents and youth.
  • Sunday School: Sunday School / Adult Christian Education will be suspended staring this Sunday 3/15/2020.
  • Church Building and Grounds: General church activities from Monday to Friday, all fellowship activities, will stop gathering.  Wednesday prayer meetings will be done online. Essential staff will be on site and can be reached by phone.
  • Winter Shelter Programs: It has ended on Friday 3/13/2020, for this season.
  • Care Ministry: Each individual fellowship should move to online meeting via Internet. If you know that you have members or community friends who have special needs (whether or not they are directly related to the epidemic), please collect as much information as possible and report it to the fellowship leaders. Please take care for your fellow members and inform the pastors/elders in a timely manner. We pray and discuss together and do our best to provide care and help.
  • Cleaning: Our Church will arranges cleaners to increase disinfection and scrub all church door handles with disinfectant three times a week.
  • Faucet changes: The General Affairs Team will discuss whether to change the faucet switch of the kitchen and toilet to an inductive type to reduce the chance of cross infection.
  • Sunday Lunch: Suspended, and it is not recommended to have any potlucks in the church.
  • The cost of opening online video conference solutions, such as Webex, Zoom, etc., if there is cost, Church will reimburse it per fellowship group.
  • You can find up-to-date information related to COVID-19 at
  • Social Distancing: While we cannot enforce individual to comply, we strongly recommend all members to follow the following:
  • Practice good hygiene, such as washing hands frequently, and cover your face when cough or sneeze.
  • Keep good physical distance with people in public.
  • Do not travel.  If you have travelled long-distance in a confined space, such as bus, train, airplane, and ship, please refrain from getting together with others. Follow the CDC guideline and federal and state directions.

千橡城基督教會 牧長團與執委會對防治新冠病毒傳播的建議


English Sunday Service Live Stream.
粵語 Cantonese:
國語 Mandarin:

  • 團契:團契聚會改為網絡聚會。如果團契人數太多,無法在一個網絡群裡,可以分開成兩三個群。請各個團契負責同工確實把所有團契成員,無論是否已經是基督徒,無論是否是千橡城基督教會的成員,都安排在網絡群裡,爭取不要遺漏任何人。這樣的網絡除了用來每週聚會,也用來了解哪些人、哪些家庭有特別需要。若有些人無法上網,請團契負責人用電話關懷他們。
  • 禱告會:教會週三禱告會改為 ZOOM 網絡聚會
  • 靈修:在教會內不同群體間,通過電郵、微信、WhatsApp、Line 等方式發布的每日靈修、晨禱、晚安心語。建議所有弟兄姐妹,按照自己的讀經需要,至少加入一個每天學習神的話語的網絡群裡。
  • 兒童/青年事工:於3/19/2020起使用Zoom(來進行。
  • 主日學:於3/15/2020起主日學暫停。
  • 教會場地:週一至週五的一般教會活動,原則上全部停止,除了週三禱告會。
  • 街友事工:已於3/13/2020結束
  • 關懷:請各個團契增加網絡電話的聯絡,一旦得知有會員或社區朋友,有特別需要(無論是否直接和疫情有關),請盡可能收集資訊,及時通報給負責關懷的同工。請負責關懷的同工,及時通報牧師長老傳道。我們一起禱告和商量,盡最大努力給予關懷和幫助。
  • 清潔:教會安排清潔工增加消毒力度,每週三次用消毒液擦洗所有教會門把。
  • 水龍頭開關:建議總務團隊討論,是否將廚房和洗手間的水龍頭開關,改裝成感應式,以減少交叉感染的機會。
  • 午餐:暫停,也不建議在教會舉行任何聚餐。
  • 需要開通網上視頻的費用,如Webex,Zoom,Skype等,由教會負責並以團契為單位報銷
  • 當前和更新狀態 – 美国疾病控制与预防中心(CDC)新冠状病毒 CDC-新冠状病毒
  • 交安全:儘管我們不能強迫每個人遵守,但我們強烈建議所有會員遵循以下規定
    1. 保持良好的衛生習慣,如經常洗手,並在咳嗽或打噴嚏時遮住口。
    2. 與大眾保持良好的距離。
    3. 在密閉的空間長途旅行,如公車/火車/飛機/輪船,請與他人保持距離,遵循CDC指南。